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Innovative Chemistry
Prosaro® offers producers a new dimension in disease control of the most important diseases on wheat and barley. This highly yet economical solution offers optimal protection whilst giving a broad spectrum of disease control in small grains, including Septoria in wheat and leaf scald in barley.
The success of Prosaro® lies in the combination of two highly effective triasole products and extends the already proven benefits of Folicur® 250 EW.
Prosaro® is the baseline of disease control and offers:

  • Fast uptake with long lasting protection
  • Optimal dosages against specific diseases
  • Excellent cost / benefit ratio
  • Low application rates per hectare

Mode of Action
Prosaro® is a new generation fungicide which combines a new active ingredient Prothioconazole, as well as the trusted and proven active ingredient Tebuconazole. Prosaro® is used widely for a broad spectrum of disease control in barley and wheat in other countries throughout the world.
The systemic action of Prosaro® ensures that the whole leaf is protected whilst the curative action in the early stages of disease development makes it the ideal product for disease control in small grains.
Prosaro® penetrates the leaves and is distributed evenly in the plant tissue where it protects both the upper and lower surfaces of the leaves. Both the active ingredients are Triasoles which inhibits the sterole biosynthesis of the cell wall of the pathogen. The result is that most of the development stages of the disease, that forms the appressorium and haustoria, mycelium growth and spore formation, are controlled.
Prosaro® is a combination of a systemic molecule with a long residual action and one with outstanding corrective properties. The mode of action of the two molecules supplement each other. The fungus infection is stopped when the fungicide is taken up by the pathogen.

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